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Detection method of metaldehyde
    The impurity of metaldehyde product are acetaldehyde, paraldehyde, water and stabilizing agent. Extract acetaldehyde and paraldehyde in the product by alcohol, then detect the content of acetaldehyde and the content of paraldehyde in the extract.
    First, weigh up metaldehyde product range from 0.3g to 0.5g(be accurate to0.0002g)and dump into a little glass flask that could be airproof, then add one drop 0.1N NaOH solution and 20ml ethanol, and weigh it, then add 6µl toluene as internal standard with micro injector, and weigh it, then oscillate the flask in order to completely extract acetaldehyde, paraldehyde
Chromato term:

    chromato column:length 30 meters microcolumn
    press the column ahead N2:0.04Mpa;
    Vaporization temperature:100;detector temperature:220

Column temperature:
    At first, maintain 60? for 5 mins ,then raise the temperature from 60 to 80, then raise the temperature from 80? to 200at the speed 20/min and maintain 200 for 30mins.The setup of the column temperature may be adjusted in according to the fact

    the percent of acetaldehyde content =( acetaldehyde peak area /internal standard peak area)×(internal standard weigh/sample weigh)×2.08
    the percent of paraldehyde=( paraldehyde peak area /internal standard peak area)×(internal     standard weigh/sample weigh)×3.02
    remark:2.08 and 3.02 are correction factors
    The percent of metaldehyde content is that 100 percent minus the percent of acetaldehyde content minus the percent of paraldehyde content minus the percent of stabilizing agent content

    (metaldehyde)% =100 — (acetaldehyde)% — (paraldehyde)% —0.2

    remark: the percent of stabilizing agent content is 0.2%.

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